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Product Name:LJ320K

Product Details:
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Detailed Product Description:

● Konica Minolta printgeads

● Option of 4,6 or 8 printheads

● Highest printing speed up to 62sqm/hr*(2pass)

● 4 colors(CMYK) or 6 colors(CMYK,LC,LM)

● Printing width of 3.2 meters

● Highest printing resolution of 1440*1440dpi

General Information  
Printong methods Drop-on-demand piezo electric
Ink reservoirs Refillable on the fly while
 printing/4000ml per color
Ink characteristics Solvent-based pigments
Print head controls Print head temperature and voltage
 are software adjustable
Media feeding  system
Free spin/automatic motor-drive lazy loop for optimal banner tension
Media tade-up system Automatic motor-driven spool 60m(200')capacity
Media handling options Roll to roll 
Drying system Digitally controlled heater and front-mounted fans
RIP software Photoprint5 Edition Flora
(Windows2000,Windows XP,Pro SP2)
Color management ICC based color,adjustment curves,
density adjustment
File formats TIFF,FPEG,Postscript3,EPS,PDF,etc
Electrical riquirements 50/60Hz,220V(±10%)>20A
Environmental requirements Ambient temperature:20-30°C,
Relative humidity:40-70%
Warranty One year limited warranty.
(Please consult your local dealer for accurate data)
Technical Specification  
Model LJ320K
Printing heads Konica Minolta printheads
No.of Print heads 4 /6/8heads
Color  4 (CMYK)coors or 6(CMYK,Lc,Lm)colors
Resolution options 180*360,360*360/360*720,720*720/1440*1440dpi
Printing Speed Standard Quality: Up to 62sqm/hr  High Quality:
Up to 48sqm/hr   Ultra Quality:   Up to 29sqm/hr
Draft Quality: up to 125sqm/hr
Maximum media width 330cm
Maximum printing width 320cm
Maximum roll dimensions 25cm(13.77")diameter
Media Types Paper,advirtising banner,PVC,mesh fabrics,adhesive
Outdoor durability 2 years(with Flora inks)
Dimensions  4.76m L*1.09m W*1.40m H
Net Weight 700kg