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Product Name:Flora LJ 320P PRINTER

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Detailed Product Description:

◆Print head:    2-8 Spectra Polaris Piezoelectric Print Heads

◆Print modes:                         4 heads                        8 heads

                  Draft quality:      110sqm/hr                   185sqm/hr

                  Standard quality: 73sqm/hr                     125sqm/hr

                 High quality:        55sqm/hr                     92sqm/hr                    

                 Ultra quality:        38sqm/hr                     65sqm/hr                    

◆Technology:   Piezoelectric inkjet Solvent inks

◆Rip software: Photoprint Flora  Edition

◆Color managemet:  I CC based color,adjustment curves,density adjustment;

◆File formats:   TIFF,JPEG,Postscript,EPS,PDF,etc;


◆Handling: Industry feeding& take-up to system

◆Roll-feed media support:  :Supports flexible media up to 330cm wide,with a roll dimension 35cm,up to 100kg in weight;

◆Dimensions(l x w x h):   483x96x138cm(for 4 heads); 483x137x138cm(for8 heads)

◆Weight:  700kg